I visited the Colònia Güell with the friendly and charming company of Kikue Ichihashi, a make up girl based in Barcelona. We walked around the small village admiring some of the constructions at the beginning of the last century and we spent some time ar the Gaudi's Crypt.
The old school, now closed
Colonia Güell 
The path through the industrial Colonia captivates tourists because of its charm and the tranquility this vestige of the Modernist era inspires through the palpable 19th century atmosphere kept alive between its streets and buildings. Currently, an important piece of historic and artistic heritage remains in the Colonia Güell.
Kikue, in front of the old school of the colony
The  modernist construction of the old school
Gaudi’s Crypt 
When Eusebi Güell tasked his good friend Antoni Gaudí with the design and construction of the church he said, word by word, do as you please. He set no limits or barriers, neither in the budget nor in how the construction had to be done, and, as would be seen eventually, not even in the timeframe to build the church.
Kikue Ichihashi, a make up based in Barcelona, at the Colònia Güell
Even though the church remained unfinished, the church is a culminating point Gaudi's works. This construction includes for the first time practically all of his architectural innovations.
The main importance of the church of the Colonia Güell in so far as Gaudi goes is that this is where Gaudi brought together for the first time all of his architectural innovations. As Gaudi said, had the church been finished it would have been a “monumental model of the Sagrada Familia”
Kikue Ichihashi at the crypt of the Coilònia Güell
With Kikue Ichihashim, a friendly company, visiting the Colònia Güell
Kikue Ichihashi into the Crypt of Antoni Gaudí

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